Aimé Nshizirungu is passionate about impacting communities’ lives by working with them to address poverty related issues. His special interest in working with and for women began with his mother, who influenced him from a very young age. He is motivated often by one of his favorite quotes by Brigham Young, “you educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”

With all-encompassing experience throughout Rwanda, Aime brings keen cultural and business insight and expertise to our team. Aime studied at the National University of Rwanda and simultaneously interned with Inzozi Nziza Ltd., an ice-cream and coffee shop social enterprise. His initial role was to teach English and provide trainings on business operations, customer service, daily accounting methods, and hygiene.

Following completion of his degree in Journalism and Communications, Aime joined Global Health Corps as a Research Analyst with Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation. He led focus group discussions with groups in rural communities, in addition to support with data collection and analysis. Most recently, before joining TWB, Aime served as operations officer at the Global Engagement Institute (GEI), a social enterprise that provides professionals with high-impact engagement programs in developing countries in Africa and Asia. He helped to create new opportunities for GEI in rural communities; one of his most prominent achievements was the growth of community-based tourism.

Harnessing his passion for economic opportunity and education, Aime leads our education programming in Rwanda as TWB’s Training Manager. Specifically, Aime oversees the implementation of all TWB curriculum (150+ hours), including facilitation and translation of lessons. A skilled trainer, Aime ensures that training groups are equipped with the necessary proficiencies to successfully start, manage, and grow a small bakery business.

Aime also runs his own business near his home, with chickens, and loves visiting his family and making new friends, especially in the rural parts of his home country, Rwanda.