BUWEA Women’s Bakery & Kemondo Women's Bakery
Opened 2015  
Six Women Employed

The Women’s Bakery was invited into Tanzania in 2015. Hired by Micro-financing Partners in Africa on behalf of the Bukoba Women’s Empowerment Association (BUWEA), The Women’s Bakery moved a team to Bukoba to run a three-month training program for 20 women. Bukoba is a beautiful town of about 100,000 people, nestled in the western shores of Lake Victoria. Surrounded by hills and cliffs, Bukoba is flat and compact city with several miles of village sprawl. Lying one degree from the equator, Bukoba is a tropical wonderland canopied in banana trees.

Bukoba Women’s Empowerment Association (BUWEA) has grown from six members in 2006 to over 450 members today. The Association specializes in what they call the “revolving door loan”, or a loan that is regularly given and recycled to various members to start small businesses. BUWEA asked The Women’s Bakery to train 20 women with the vision of building one Bukoba town bakery as well as several “kiosk” bakeries in surrounding villages. The 20 trainees attended two or three 8-hour seminars a week, depending on their roles within the bakeries, and readied themselves to bake bread and manage a small, but powerful business.

As of early 2016, 75 additional women have been trained. The original 20 women have transferred the educational resources, skills, and model to their own communities. Currently, Bukoba has two bakeries in operation, in conjunction with ongoing training opportunities. One of these bakeries reports selling 125 banana-peanut muffins per day, for about $.09 each. This creates additional revenue at $137 per month - a huge boost in previous income! 

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Kanombe WOMEN’S BAKERY | Remera Women's Bakery
Soon to employ TWELVE WOMEN 

Right now, The Women’s Bakery is headquartered in Kigali, Rwanda. With our team expanding to include two exceptional programming officers, a Rwanda Facilitator, and experienced interns, The Women’s Bakery is designing new, enhanced training programs for groups of women. We are tweaking what doesn’t work and refining what does – sharpening our classroom curriculum and technical training, and substantiating our approach. We’re now partnered with the U.S. Peace Corps, enabling us to offer more comprehensive training and on-going oversight to multiple groups of women throughout Rwanda. We’re also recently partnered with MASS Design Group, a human-centered architecture organization, which has designed a high-efficiency oven specifically for The Women’s Bakery and the women we serve. MASS will design a "bakery-in-a-box" design this Spring that will enable us to replicate oven-inclusive bakery launch throughout Rwanda . With these partnerships, The Women’s Bakery is poised for growth and expansion not just in Rwanda, but all of East Africa. This Spring, our most recent training groups (in Kanombe & Remera) will launch their new bakeries following training that began in October of 2015.

Know a group working in Rwanda that would be interested in a bakery training? Connect us!