The Women's Bakery offers women a choice—a choice to learn new skills, improve their communities and better their lives and the lives of their families. From that choice, opportunity and empowerment are born.

Women learn to source local, nutritious ingredients to produce affordable breads for their own communities. The women manage all aspects of their bakeries and the bakery profits provide their personal income. 


Our Goals 

  • Empower poor women with technical, business and life skills.
  •  Combat malnutrition by creating nutritious, affordable breads.
  • Source ingredients from local farmers.
  • Spark and sustain local economies.

Our Objective 

  • Open TWB offices globally to empower women and build bakeries.
  • Initiate locally operated and sustained combatants to malnutrition by providing nutritious, affordable food options in rural areas.
  • Generate community-wide opportunity through local supply and demand. 

Our Vision

  • Empower women globally though business.
  • Create a social movement that disrupts the common approaches to philanthropy, nonprofit structures, and business’ function in society.
  • Transform the way the world interacts with money by promoting a culture of conscious capitalism.


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