our impact

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34 women

have found employment

women are earning money

After six months of employment at a bakery, each woman can double (or sometimes triple) her pre-training income. At our Kigali bakery, the women earn $72/month, up from an average of less than $14/month before training. With this increased income, a woman can invest in her family’s education, health, improved nutrition, and overall safety. 

communities' health is improving

Protein and vitamin deficiencies are leading causes of malnutrition in East Africa, so we create breads that are both affordable and nutritious. Using locally milled flours, like peanut, wheat, peanut and soy, as well as locally produced milk and eggs, most of our breads are high in protein, with as much as 7g in one serving.  

Single servings are the most affordable option for our bakeries' customers. Over 5,000 pieces of bread are sold per week, supplying hundreds of people with affordable, nutritious breads.


7 grams of protein

in the average slice of bread at one of our bakeries


hours of training so far

people are learning

In just three years, we have trained 76 women and four men. Training is typically eight hours a day, three days a week for three months. We track the women’s gains with pre- and post-training tests—100% of our trainees' scores improve. And it’s evident in the successful operations of our bakeries. 

Our average attendance rate of 93% showcases the women’s dedication to their education, especially considering that many women have at least two children in their care and are often responsible for their homes and their fields.

it's growing

Right now, we have six bakeries in East Africa: two in Tanzania and four in Rwanda. And we are just getting started. Our goal is to build three to four more bakeries in Rwanda and Uganda in 2018.

6 bakeries

in operation so far