Re-imagining Business.

In Africa, The Women's Bakery operates as a for-profit business.

In order to start a bakery, women must provide The Women's Bakery (TWB) with a training fee and appropriate start-up costs. After that, all profits are their own. TWB does not reserve any portion of bakeries' profits to financially support our U.S. support team.


In the United states, The Women's Bakery operates as a non-profit (501c3). 

By operating as a non-profit State-side, TWB is able to drive expansion, education, and ongoing support services to women without adding a financial burden to the bakeries themselves. 

In other words, TWB achieves a philanthropic mission with a for-profit model. We like to think of ourselves as a rogue non-profit—because we're supported by the generosity of others through grants and donations, women who work at our bakeries can provide for themselves. We're a non-profit with conscious capitalism at its heart.  

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