Hard work. Every day. 

The Women's Bakery (TWB) helps women start a bakery in their community. We train them in all aspects of building and managing their business and we are there for them when they need a hand. 

Below is an outline of daily and weekly tasks that all bakeries follow under the model. 


Open the bakery.

Organize goods packaged the previous evening, readying them for early morning distribution.

Prepare tea for early morning breakfast customers.



Review and record inventory used during morning’s baking. 

Task Two—BAKE

 Yeast breads, specialty quick breads, protein-cakes & muffins. 

Task Three—PACKAGE

Package and label all bread products, readying them for today’s distribution.

Task Four—Distribution

Sell products on our shelves and supply to the sales distribution teams. 

Task Five—REPEAT

Repeat Tasks One to Three, readying packaged goods for sales distribution early tomorrow morning. 


Bookkeeping and accounting for the day’s sales.

Clean and close the bakery. 


Distribute paychecks to all employees. 

Income from each bakery supports itself and its staff. TWB acts as a training and support organization, funded by grants and donations, separate from each bakery's earnings.

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