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Gicumbi Bakery Training

Our newest bakery site is in the town of Gicumbi, in the rolling hills of Rwanda's Northern Provence. In a town of this size, we have access to bigger markets—we plan to sell breads to nearby villages, broadening the reach of this bakery beyond that of our other bakeries in smaller villages. We'll also have the opportunity to train refugee women from the neighboring refugee camp and supply the camp market with nutritious, affordable breads.

Right now, we are in the early stages of business development for the Gicumbi bakery. We are talking to town leaders, meeting school officials, and surveying access to the neighboring villages. We will soon begin the vetting and application process for women to enter into our bakery training. Once we identify 10–12 women, we'll facilitate 2–3 months of comprehensive, hands-on training. At $15,000, training breaks down to about $1,600 per woman. 

Your support of our current campaign will help get the Gicumbi bakery off to a strong start. Thank you! 

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