Yvonne Mukamutara

Store manager

Yvonne was born and raised in Kigali-Rwanda. Seeing the growth of her country and all the challenges it has overcome, she grew up with a passion to assist underserved communities. Through The Women's Bakery, Yvonne found herself in the right position, with the right organization, and with the right people. She is thrilled to be part of what should really be done to fuel the economy of her country-- empowering women.

Yvonne interned with The Women’s Bakery-Rwanda and is now the Store Manger at our Remera location. She truly enjoys her work, because enabling and inspiring women is not just for the women, but for the entire society, as women are the engine of the family. Prior to joining TWB, Yvonne worked with Thinkimpact and Cornerstone Foundation; both organizations focus on serving underserved communities through assets-based community development. With TWB, she believes her skills and passion are the right tools to ensure that The Women's Bakery's mission is accomplished. Yvonne is eager to learn more in her time at The Women's Bakery, and she is so excited to work with the Rwanda team. There is no better way to enable our society and become self-reliant than to help people create their own businesses.

Yvonne is pursuing her Bachelors degree at the University of Kigali, where she is a senior in Business Management and Economics, Class of 2016.