Julie Greene

Co-Founder | Vice President &   East Africa Program Director

Greene comes to TWB with years of experience teaching, working with, and living among girls and women in poverty. She served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Rwanda from 2010-2012, with a primary assignment as a secondary school teacher. In her rural community, Greene experienced first-hand the injustices women faced each day. The social and economic inequality she saw inspired her to focus her energies on girls’ and women’s empowerment. Greene started two clubs at school for her female students: Girls Leading Our World, which taught leadership and life skills, and a Girls Sports club, which gave girls time and space to learn and play football (soccer), volleyball, and ultimate Frisbee. Outside of school hours, Greene worked with a local colleague to found a women’s co-op for single mothers. The group drew in more than 40 women, ranging in age from 18 to 60, and spanning a distal area of about 10km. The co-op focused on income generating activities, and women received training in areas they identified for personal businesses, such as grass mat weaving, hair braiding, vegetable farming, and goat raising (in partnership with Heifer International). The women also acted as a support network for each other, sharing problems and solutions, and standing up for themselves as a united front against the local stigmatization of single moms.

Following her Peace Corps service, Greene served for a year with an AmeriCorps program in Denver, CO. Greene worked as a Youth Mentor and Case Manager at Florence Crittenton High School, an alternative pathways public school that serves pregnant and parenting teen moms in the Denver-metro area. At Flo Crit, Greene taught a life-skills curriculum to the freshmen class, individually mentored 20 teen moms ages 14-20 in life skills and relationship building, worked with over 100 teen moms to access government assistance, find local community resources, and build life skills, and planned, promoted, and ran over 30 Family Engagement Activities, increasing family and student engagement from the previous year by 25%.

Greene is truly passionate about women’s empowerment, and brings an approach that is flexible, compassionate, and creative to the TWB Team. As Vice President & East African Program Director, Greene uses her cultural and linguistic knowledge of Rwanda and Tanzania to build relationships with women’s groups, foster partnerships with local organizations and governments, and to otherwise grow TWB’s East Africa Program. With a background in science (B.A. in Geology) and years of teaching experience, Greene is well equipped to methodologically develop TWB curriculum, facilitate TWB training sessions, and manage reporting and performance metrics. Greene also scouts, hires and trains local staff and interns, in the local language whenever possible, and oversees the operations of all East Africa TWB groups.

As TWB continues to expand operations, Greene envisions developing and managing US branches that focus on underserved women in our own towns and cities, including refugees, immigrants, and teen moms.