Heather Newell

US Program Officer

Newell brings energy and keen development strategy to The Women’s Bakery venture. As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Rwanda 2011-2013), She has extensive knowledge in program management and education training. After her service in the Peace Corps, Newell returned to Rwanda to work for Opportunity International’s Urwego Bank, spearheading the creation of the curriculum for loan application and repayment training, and adding finance experience to her skill set.

Her deep-seeded passion for cross-cultural interactions culminates in a drive to connect with East Africans, even in the US. On weekends, you can often find Newell visiting local Rwandan families and helping with translation work, or volunteering in farming projects to teach youth how to grow their own food sustainably. Newell has also mentored youth in homeless shelters, created fundraising campaigns for education, written for a media group, Africa Agenda, and worked in the finance sector in Denver. Herein lie Newell’s core competencies: training, counseling, and content creation. These strong assets will encourage TWB’s sustainability through positive growth, building connections locally and abroad, and promoting a vision that others can’t help but be a part of.

As US Program Officer, Newell is responsible for creating and monitoring program activities, including building and supervising relationships with funders, developing proposals and applications, creating and maintaining institutional documents, (capability statements, marketing materials, past performance references, etc.), and disseminating project information throughout the organization. Newell will manage company finances as well as showcase the business via presentations, networking and publishing. She will also be the lead on defining metrics to measure social and financial performance of funds and investments.

To further mitigate venture weaknesses and encourage growth and impact, Newell seeks to provide TWB staff with opportunities for mentorship connections, professional development, and resource development. Newell’s vast experience and creative problem solving skills make her a strong leader for the development and growth of TWB programs. She believes firmly in the mission and knows the power it holds for women all over East Africa—and beyond.